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Act on time and avoid risks

Order re-sealing services from us for Southern Finland

It's not wise to delay re-sealing services. If, for example, you notice cracks, hardening, or detachment in the joints of your housing cooperative building, contact us. Poorly maintained seals can cause moisture damage and lead to more extensive and expensive repairs than simply re-sealing in a timely manner.

At Saumaten Oy, we always perform sealing in a way that ensures they last an optimal amount of time, depending on the project, around 15 - 20 years. However, no building can avoid the need for re-sealing as time goes by and due to external stresses.

Request a quote from us for re-sealing services in Helsinki, Vantaa, Porvoo, Lohja, or elsewhere in Southern Finland, which is our main operational area.

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Benefits of Re-sealing

Done on time and done right

  • The building's lifespan is extended
  • Less repairs are needed
  • Heat loss is reduced
  • Costs are saved
  • The building's comfort improves

To achieve these benefits, it's essential to renew the seals in time and correctly. As professionals in sealing, we offer only high-quality results. This means specialized expertise, top-quality materials, and precisely executed work phases.

Contact us to assess the need for re-sealing in your project!

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