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We do our work with sealing!

With specialized expertise in panel jointing.

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Panel Sealing

Versatile sealing services from new constructions to those needing repairs.

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Among others, housing cooperatives can be found in our work history.

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Let's get the sealings in order!

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Ready to do sealing work in the Southern Finland area

Professionals in panel sealing

Our company, Saumaten Oy, is a specialized sealing business operating in the Southern Finland area. Our services include various panel sealing, which we carry out, for instance, in housing cooperatives in Helsinki, Vantaa, Porvoo, Lohja, and surrounding municipalities. Both new constructions and renovation sites are within our repertoire.

Our clientele comprises construction companies, housing cooperatives, property management offices, and design firms. If you are in search of a partner to carry out sealing tasks in your property, we are a trustworthy choice. Despite our company's young age, we have experience with hundreds of sealing sites.

Explore our services, and read more below about what hiring our service entails!

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How do you benefit from our partnership?

Saumaten Oy

Among other things, like this

  • What we agree upon with you, we guarantee to do and keep our word. Timelines won't fail.
  • We carry out panel sealing correctly.
  • We ensure that the finish is refined and neat.
  • We have project management you can trust, as well as the professionalism of our installers.
  • We use high-quality materials.

All these are key to ensuring that sealing work leads to a high-quality result. We have demonstrated this in many projects where we have been involved in construction or repair.

We are happy to serve you as well!

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